4th Grade California Regions: Sierra Nevada & Cascades


This page is one side of what will be a 2-page spread. The  opposite side will also have the same red strip dividing the top and bottom cards, with the word “Regions” on it.

So, here are my 4th grader’s cards for the Sierra Nevada & Cascade ranges. We happen to live in the Sierra Nevada foothills – right in the middle of Gold Country – so naturally he has experienced much of this area firsthand and knows a ton of stuff pertaining to it. He especially loved learning about John Muir (and has been inspired to do a 1,000 mile walk like he did – only ours will be an accumulation of *local* miles walked,  as opposed to Muir’s journey down to the Gulf of Mexico).  His favorite embellishment on this card was the image of the California Gold Rush stamp.

I was really happy with how his “Coast” card turned out. We are originally from, and often spend time in, a California coastal town – so he really enjoyed working on that card. We read and discussed a ton of things about this region, as well as watched a couple of videos (his favorite one to watch over and over is the video from the Soarin’ over California ride at Disney’s California Adventure, as it lets you “fly” over the coast – I think he’s having some serious Disney withdrawals 😛 ).

Despite all the discussion and activities pertaining to this region, I didn’t require him to write much about it. He simply picked out several photos of his favorite things about the coast, writing only about what peaked his interest most – the Great White Shark (I did require his shark fact to be California-related).

We didn’t bother with a map for this region simply because the title is self-explanatory. Finally, he gave a shout-out to California coastal Native Americans by way of a small image depicting the Chumash in a Tomol.


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